Stuart Walker for Barham Downs

Following the death of Barham Downs councillor, our late Association chairman Bill Oakey, our candidate to succeed him at the by-election, to be held on March 13, is Adisham-based retail manager Stuart Walker.

The Folly of Raising Income Tax

Under this Conservative-led collation government everybody in the UK will be paying less in income tax. However, if Labour have a sniff of power in 2015 they have pledged to raise the top rate, known as the "additional rate", back to 50%. Barton Ward Canterbury City Councillor Steven Williams shares his thoughts.

A Tribute to Bill Oakey

The Canterbury Constituency Conservative Association are mourning the loss of our chairman Bill Oakey, who passed away on Monday.Prior to becoming chairman in early 2013, Bill had performed many roles within the Association - including Deputy Chairman (Membership) during which time he co-ordinated many fundraising events and functions.

Whitstable Members Visit the European Parliament

Whitstable Party activists Mike and Jackie Perkins recently visited the European Parliament as guests of South East MEP Daniel Hannan. Below, Mike - the chairman of the Whitstable Conservative Policy Forum Group - describes what took place and shares his thoughts on the visit.

Julian Brazier to fight next General Election

Julian Brazier has been readopted as the Parliamentary candidate for the Canterbury Constituency Conservative Association (CCCA) following a ballot of Association Executive members last night (Wednesday, Sep 25).

Pimm's and Politics - A Chance to Chat

North Nailbourne ward invite you to Pimms and Politics - come and drink Pimms, eat nibbles, discuss party policies and put the world to rights in a friendly setting with good company.

How To Become A Council Candidate

Some further details as the Canterbury Constituency Conservative Association continues the drive to find more potential Canterbury City Council candidates for the election in May 2015. Please take a look if you think you might be interested in putting your name forward

MP Julian Brazier On The New Rail Franchise

In a letter today to Patrick McLoughlin, Secretary of State for Transport, Canterbury and Whitstable MP Julian Brazier has asked when the tendering documents will be available for the new franchise for Kent and what incentives they will include to provide value for money