Keep giant electricity pylons away from our local countryside

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Julian Brazier has called for more protection of the local countryside against large electricity pylons.

Mr Brazier wrote to the Minister of State for Energy, Michael Fallon, today requesting he back Liam Fox’s amendments to the Energy Bill, which would better protect the natural landscape from giant pylons.

Below is the text of the letter:

Dear Michael,

I’m writing in support Liam Fox’s amendment (NC7) to the Energy Bill. As you know, the larger-sized pylons required for higher voltage lines threaten many areas of England’s natural landscape. My East Kent colleagues and I are greatly concerned about the impact of large pylons blighting our local countryside. The consultation phase of National Grid’s rollout process has not been promising enough for our constituencies. I do not feel that the existing Holford Rules used by National Grid concerning Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty offer enough protection – they are used as a mere guidance. Having pylons the height of Canterbury Cathedral marching across from the coast to Canterbury would be a permanent blot on the landscape.

Could I urge you to support NC 7.

Yours aye,