Julian Brazier: Flooding update


Canterbury MP Julian Brazier has been monitoring rain water and drainage issues since last year's flooding.

He said: "We had our share of last winter’s record rainfall but, bad as it was in places locally, it could have been an awful lot worse.  In December I saw the clearing of encroaching trees along the Stour, on an inspection with the Environment Agency. This meant that villages like Fordwich and Littlebourne were spared. When the rains came, the impact was mitigated by the hard work of Canterbury City Council, Kent Fire Brigade and Southern Water, as well as the EA.  Nevertheless, some villagers on the Nailbourne did suffer badly – both from water damage, and the added horror of raw sewage forced up from the overwhelmed sewers.

"With another winter coming, I have impressed by the work being done to protect local residents and their property.  The Environment Agency has been at work in the Nailbourne valley, repairing banks and sluices from Bridge to Wickhambreaux.  In the Great Stour valley, they are making repairs to the Stodmarsh Nature Reserve Lampen Wall and footpaths as well as to the Great Stour wall at the Gove area.  Major tree surgery is also being undertaken between Fordwich and Sandwich.

"Southern Water are carrying out a comprehensive survey of sewers along the Nailbourne, where sewer flooding has occurred four times in the past fifteen years.  It was fascinating watching flow monitors and remote-controlled CCTV vehicles being used in the sewers to identify where groundwater is getting in, so that weak points in sewers and private drains can be sealed.  One thing we can all help on is ensuring we don’t pour fat down the drains, as it congeals and blocks them. The long-range forecast is for a cold winter but, if the rains return, we will be in better shape."