Councillor demands apology for discarded road signs

A councillor has demanded an apology from the chief executive of Highways England after accusing the company of treating Canterbury’s villages as a dumping ground.

Simon Cook, who represents Nailbourne ward, contacted Jim O’Sullivan to protest about discarded road signs left behind after roadworks on the A2 before Christmas.

The work involved a diversion on roads around Bridge, Bishopsbourne and Kingston but the signs and cones relating to it are still in situ more than one month later.

In the letter, Cllr Cook said residents understood the need for temporary signs during the work, but resented the fact that they had been left behind.

He said: “The contractors seem to have decided to use our roads as a dumping ground for unwanted signage.

“Most of these signs, traffic cones and so forth have not been moved but are still all over the countryside. Our villages are not a storage depot, nor a disposal facility.

“It is singularly irresponsible – and indeed dangerous. In one instance, a sign blew over into the road and I had to move it.”

Cllr Cook first reported the issue to Highways England via Twitter in early January, and staff said they would alert the contractor. But the signs have not been moved.

He added: “I am now awaiting a reply – and an apology to residents for what basically amounts to flytipping around our villages and rural roads.”