Consider Standing as a Councillor in May 2015

With the publication of the final recommendations of the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, reducing the number of Canterbury City Councillors from 50 to 39 and altering wards, the election campaign for May 2015 begins today.

Of the 39 councillors, 30 come under the area of the Canterbury Constituency Conservative Association (the other nine come under the remit of North Thanet Constituency Conservative Association) and we are hoping many new people come forward to be considered as potential candidates.

Have you ever wondered who a councillor is? Simply, they are people like you. People who want to help their community by giving residents a real voice in the decision-making process. Every group of councillors has political thinkers, but perhaps more importantly are members who listen to and help residents and put forward ideas to make their area a better place in which to live, work and enjoy.

All we ask is that candidates are members of the Conservative Party when they are interviewed. This doesn’t mean you have to agree with every single sentence of Conservative policy – indeed, we want new people to ensure the new Council represents the residents of the District as well as possible – but rather a belief in small government, low taxation and high personal freedom.

So if you can answer the following questions with a “Yes” you could be the person we are looking for:

-    Are you prepared to spare some of your time to help make the area you live in better for everybody?

-    Do you believe government should be there for people who need help, but not excessively interfere with people’s lives?

-    Do you believe tax should be kept as low as possible to ensure those who work hard for a living should be able to enjoy the fruits of their efforts as much as possible, rather than the taxman taking it?

-    Do you think individuals are best placed to choose how to live their lives, rather than being told what they should or shouldn’t do by a Nanny State?

If you would like to be a considered as a council candidate or have further questions, please get in touch via and the process can begin.