Brazier continues fight against legal highs

In his most recent letter to the Minister, Norman Baker, Julian said: “Thank you for your letter of 31st October, with regard to legal highs setting out the government’s determination to tackle this issue. I attach a very helpful letter I have received from Canterbury Police, commenting on the current working of the law.

"Despite considerable efforts by yourself and your officials to tighten this up, it seems that Head shops like Skunkworks in my constituency are continuing to find loopholes to sell their pernicious wares, and that there is nothing the police can do about it.  Could I suggest that we need to look more widely at other approaches?  I understand that in Ireland selling a substance which causes harm has become a de facto criminal offence by shifting the burden of proof to the shop.

"I don’t have to tell you that, with each tragedy in the community, public feeling is getting stronger on this. It cannot be healthy in a democracy to see the law made into an ass in this way. Could I urge you to look more widely.”

Julian commented:  “Locally we have had several deaths and some very sick youngsters who came very close to death when they took legal highs from shops like Skunkworks. I am determined that we will stop this distasteful trade, and the means to do so is through widening legislation”.