Canterbury North by-election

Rob Thomas is the candidate for the Canterbury North by-election. Here are some of the policies he will be supporting.

Conservative candidate Rob Thomas campaigning in Canterbury

1. Social care and health

This is probably the number one topic in our district right now.

I am committed to the local party's pledge to have a newly built hospital here in Canterbury, with a full range of services, including Accident & Emergency. And also to ensure social care and mental health remain at the top of the agenda.


2. Education and Children

The focus should be on the outcome, which is children leaving school with the best skills, knowledge and opportunities. It’s not necessarily about the type of school they went to. A mix economy of schools is important and that includes grammar schools. 


3. Leisure and Community

As a trustee of Active Life for the past three years I'm committed to residents having access to the best facilities. I would actively seek to bring inward investment on this.

I also think we need to treasure our open spaces, which is why I helped establish the East Kent Parks Forum. I'm committed to making sure our parks and paths are improved for everyone to enjoy, and for years to come.


4. Roads and Travel

Most people associate councils with potholes. And clearly the reporting and repairing process needs to as efficient as possible.

I think technology should make that process better. Whether it’s building roads or maintaining them. That’s something I’ll continue to support.


5. Waste Planning and Land

There are clear links between the roles played by both the county and district councils, and a lot of good work is done through the Kent Resource Partnership.

However, the separation of duties between collecting of waste (district councils) and disposal of waste (county council) is something that needs reviewing at the end of the current contracts.


6. Business

The County Council has a strong record on looking for inward investment, and establishing its own companies to help provide services to the community. It’s something I fully support. It helps generate income to finance other services, and the benefits are clear to see.


About Rob Thomas

Candidate Rob Thomas campaigning in Canterbury

Favourite TV programme: Match of the Day (as well as well watching Sky News!)

Favourite drink: Coffee, but the occasional pint of Guinness.

Pets: Having grown up in a dog-loving family we've had a number of dogs. But I've also had guinea pigs, hamsters and even a stick.

Favourite possession: My music collection that I have assembled since childhood. A lover of all genres but most notably rock music including Blink 182, Linkin Park and The Offspring.

Favourite memory: Making posters with my brother for our trip to WWF SummerSlam at Wembley Stadium in 1992.

Interests: Big sports fan and long suffering at that. I've been to Carlisle to see Gillingham lose 5-0 and also a trip to Hartlepool on a Tuesday night for a 3-1 defeat.

I've also been to see some of the Ashes cricket in 2006/7 and 2013/14 (both times England lost 5-0 which has only ever three times in the history of cricket!).

Regularly play 5 and 11-a-side football, and enjoy going to see live comedy and music.


Promoted by G Baker on behalf of R Thomas and Canterbury Conservatives, all of 58/60 Wincheap, CT1 3RS